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With Huippu Education lesson plan package and Kindiedays Pedagogical Management Solution your preschool can stay open and your children continue learning during COVID-19 crisis.


As a teacher you:


  1. Plan the distance learning with Huippu Education's pedagogical activities that link to the curriculum objectives. Share the activities and instructions with families in the form of videos, photos, and pdf. 
  2. Support the children’s learning in real time with 30-minute live session at a specific time during which parents are asked to be present or nearby. 
  3. Guide the families to support children's activities and encourage to observe the children's learning and share photo and video evidence of the activities. 
  4. Collect the evidence of learning in the children’s ePortfolios and map the evidence with the learning objectives achieved. Continue following the learning even from distance.
  5. Assess children's learning and save time in reporting with automatically compiled portfolios and learning statistics for future planning.


Kindiedays 2 months Free Trial includes Collaboration + Pedagogy product plans for blended learning supporting both in-class and distance learning.


Ps. How does Kindiedays Free Trial work?

  • You will receive an email from Kindiedays within 24 hours (during workdays)

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  • You can download the Kindiedays Apps, log in and start adding educators, children and more to your own center!

  • Your credentials are valid for 2 months days and the trial period is free with no obligations

  • After the trial you can move to a normal account and smoothly continue using Kindiedays

  • Trial requires a computer and a mobile device with Internet connection

  • We will only use your email address in connection with your interest in Kindiedays

  • You can also sign up for a free online demo with one of our experts to get going fast and smoothly


Kindiedays Solution for Distance Learning