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How has corona affected on preschools in Finland? 10 notes from teachers

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Life in preschools has changed a lot due to corona. 300 Teachers from Finland shared their experience about how to work in emergency conditions. Original article in Helsingin Sanomat.

1. Inform families clearly

Corona obviously changes situations and policies, therefore informing about the current rules is very important. Collect all the information in one place so that families and staff knows where to find it. Focus on clear and direct messaging and make sure if some families miss the information, they can also get it later on.

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2. Forget about 'social distancing' with children

Social distancing and small children just do not go together. Teachers help the children to dress up, sneeze their noses and so on. Keeping distance is simply impossible.

3. Keep teaching the same group of children

As some children stay home, group sizes vary. Nevertheless, it is not smart to change teachers from group to another and carry germs all over the place. Ensure staff stays with the same group children and avoids new contacts.

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