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Get ahead of the competition with Kindiedays

Monday, May 9, 2022

  • Is your curriculum utilized as the basis for the daily planning and activities?
  • Do your teachers observe, document, and assess learning goals effortlessly?
  • Do the parents know how their children progress in their learning?
  • Do your children get learning opportunities in all the areas of your curriculum?
  • Can you provide a competitive high-quality service?

If you answered YES to all questions, you are in good shape – congratulations!

If NOT, there is room for improvement. 

Start with Kindiedays free training and trial!

To get a smooth start, we have created a step-by-step program for you to learn and try out Kindiedays in practice.

June 2022

  • We start with a kickoff session and online demo of Kindiedays 1st of June at 2 PM Helsinki time (duration 60 min).
  • After the demo, you get access to a free Kindiedays trial for 30 days. You can enter teachers, a group of children, and their parents to have everything set up for the trial. You will also have access to Finnish pedagogical objectives as a reference.
  • Online workshop on June 10th where we go through the importance of portfolio learning and formative assessment in early education. As well as the importance of engaging parents. Here we also show how the Educator App works and you can run your trial.
  • Our experts are ready to help you and answer any questions you might have.

July 2022

  • At the end of the trial period, you can make the decision to buy a commercial license at a special price. All the data you have already entered will remain.
  • Online workshop on July 10th for a complete presentation of Kindiedays and how to use portfolios and reports to guarantee the quality of learning. 

See Kindiedays in action

Your price for Kindiedays after the trial is only 20 Euro/child /year. 

The training is completely free. You only pay if you continue after the trial.

Sign up for the program before May 27th and we send a Zoom invitation to the kickoff 1st of June. 

Extra bonus: The first 5 to sign up, will also get a set of 20 playful lesson plans completely free.

Sign up here before May 27th!

PS If you have any questions, just drop me a mail at

Kindiedays home page

How to create and use reports and statistics that matter?

Monday, May 9, 2022

In last week's blog, we discussed how to make observations and collect data on children's learning moments and consistently collect the information into a superior child's portfolio. This week we will look into how this valuable data can be used to secure the quality of the preschool.

With the help of holistic reports and statistics, you can reveal a lot of children's learning and your center's way of tackling the curriculum!

With Kindiedays reports you can:

  • illustrate children's progress
  • see the individual child's progress in the curriculum’s learning objectives
  • review statistics on how efficiently the curriculum has been applied
  • guarantee that all the learning areas are in balance
  • identify possible needs for learning
  • plan future learning
  • guarantee holistic learning in the center

Now you can show evidence of learning to parents as well as provide a competitive and profitable pedagogical service.

Learn which reports matter, but have not had the time and tools to create and utilize.

How to create a superior portfolio?

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Portfolio and pedagogical documentation go hand in hand. Both focus on making the child's learning visible and enabling professional formative assessment of playful learning.

A portfolio is a compilation of various documents that show progress on the learning goals that are defined in the curriculum.

Pedagogical documentation aims to capture meaningful learning moments. Educators should then use these documents to modify their planning so that children learn even better.

Pedagogical documentation is an essential working method in early childhood education and it guarantees the best possible learning path for children. All valuable documents can be saved in a child's personal portfolio. But what type of documents should the portfolio include?

Documentation is observing for example children’s play, projects, discussions, ideas, and inventions via taking photos, making notes, writing down explanations as well as tricky questions, saving artwork, videoing action, recording voice... 

Kindiedays Portfolio Learning

Follow a consistent process throughout the year