Brand new set of experiential lesson plans available now

Sunday, January 22, 2023
For quality education, teaching activities must be goal-oriented and systematic.

That is why Kindiedays Lesson Plans combine the pedagogical objectives from the Finnish curriculum with hands on experience from the classrooms.

Launched now

Kindiedays Lesson Plan Package is designed to guide and support educators to provide lessons based on experiential and playful learning. 

Kindiedays Lesson Plans includes:

  • 300 experiential lesson plans divided between 3 levels for children aged 1 to 6
  • 5 Learning areas including a total of 152 pedagogical objectives, derived from the Finnish National Curriculum for Early Childhood and Care
  • Lessons for Special Occasions

Watch video to see how it works

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Team Kindiedays

PS The lesson plans can be used with any curriculum, as long as playful learning is close to your heart.