How to create and use reports and statistics that matter?

Monday, May 9, 2022

In last week's blog, we discussed how to make observations and collect data on children's learning moments and consistently collect the information into a superior child's portfolio. This week we will look into how this valuable data can be used to secure the quality of the preschool.

With the help of holistic reports and statistics, you can reveal a lot of children's learning and your center's way of tackling the curriculum!

With Kindiedays reports you can:

  • illustrate children's progress
  • see the individual child's progress in the curriculum’s learning objectives
  • review statistics on how efficiently the curriculum has been applied
  • guarantee that all the learning areas are in balance
  • identify possible needs for learning
  • plan future learning
  • guarantee holistic learning in the center

Now you can show evidence of learning to parents as well as provide a competitive and profitable pedagogical service.

Learn which reports matter, but have not had the time and tools to create and utilize.

Child’s Learning Report

The learning report shows the child’s progress in each learning area

Use automatically-collected Learning Reports to get feedback on the child’s engagement and progress in the curriculum’s learning objectives. Locate possible needs and guarantee a chance for holistic learning.

Share with families to strengthen their confidence in their child’s learning and in your center!


Curriculum report

The curriculum report guarantees a holistic education in your center

Use automatically-collected Curriculum Reports to review statistics on how efficiently the curriculum has been applied, guarantee that all the learning areas are in balance, and plan future learning.

Share with the head management, groups’ supervisors, or teachers to guarantee quality in your center!


Lead your preschool in a consistent way throughout the year

Pairing world-leading research with digital technology, Kindiedays helps preschools to be the best care and learning providers they can be. 

  • Lead the learning with your own curriculum or one of our preinstalled packages. 
  • Use portfolios and formative assessment for learning to ensure consistent quality.
  • Empower your staff to focus on the children’s education. 
  • Engage families and show them evidence of children's learning.

Get Kindiedays Portfolio Learning solution to support your center's learning process!

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