Education Innovations in 2022: Formative Assessment is in the spotlight of HundrED

Wednesday, February 2, 2022
"We help to provide quality education for as many children as possible through education innovations, that is the core mission of HundrED", says Annina Huhtala.
According to HundrED the purpose of education is to help every child to flourish, no matter what happens in life. To thrive as global citizens, children must be equipped with a breadth of skills these days. In a fast-changing world, traditional academic skills play an important role, but that is not enough.
A child-centered approach, personalized and passion-based teaching, as well as the relationship between a motivated student and inspired teacher, is the key. Furthermore, assessment has to be linked to the core of the learning process.
We need to move away from narrow approaches of summative assessment, which only measure students' ability to memorize and regurgitate facts at a certain point in time, states HundrED.
To make all this happen, the world needs visionary leadership in education systems and ambitious education innovations. The world of education is full of hard-working specialists who are implementing these processes every day. HundrED thrives to give them the visibility and recognition they deserve.

Formative Assessment is in the Spotlight of Education Innovation 2022

Formative Assessment can only be formative if the student is heavily involved.

Now, HundrED has chosen 27 innovative ideas that are changing the way we think about formative assessment. These education innovations support both teaching and learning and include the critical role students play in their own learning processes.

“Formative Assessment can only be formative if the student is heavily involved,” says Education Specialist Clara Garcia Millan from HundrED. This involvement can come in many forms: self-assessment, peer assessment, or teacher assessment.

However, if the student does not have the chance to reflect on their own learning and discuss this assessment with their teacher - it cannot be considered a formative assessment.

Kindiedays in the Education Innovation Shortlist

Kindiedays is proud to be shortlisted for the “Formative Assessment spotlight” by HundrED. There were in total 129 innovations around the world, and Kindiedays has been ranked among the 27 finalists.

There were a number of factors that they took into consideration when creating this Shortlist. See who else made it to the Formative Assessment Shortlist!

The Research Process for this Spotlight was particularly strict. All applicants were asked to submit additional information regarding how their innovation integrates formative assessment into students’ learning journeys.


Kindiedays in the spotlight for HundrED 2022


Why did you create this innovation?

According to the early years' curriculum in Finland, the basis for high-quality pedagogy is planning and documentation of the child’s unique learning journey. Portfolios as formative assessments reflect the learning progress and help children to become powerful learners. Cooperation between home and daycare is crucial in the early years. As teachers, we needed a tool to match these requirements


How does your innovation work in practice?

Kindiedays is an online platform consisting of mobile and web apps for educators, families, and the management of an early education center or chain.

The best practices from the National Curriculum for Early Education in Finland are supported with the use of Kindiedays:

  • Children reach their full potential with playful learning based on world-leading research from Finland
  • Educators observe and document learning intuitively, allowing them to pay more attention to the children
  • Parents follow their children’s progress online, appreciating their preschool’s excellent care and pedagogical standards
  • Preschools develop the teaching and learning based on formative assessment and learning data

How has it been spreading?

Kindiedays has been delivered to 18 countries within the past few years. It has been purchased by private preschools/kindergartens or chains in Europe, Africa, Asia, South East Asia, and South America.

Early education development is receiving increasing interest around the world and Finland is looked at as one of the leaders in education. Finnish pedagogy, portfolio learning and formative assessment gain appreciation globally. Kindiedays is built in a flexible way, allowing any curriculum added to guide the teaching and learning. The SaaS model enables delivering Kindiedays to countries all around the world.


If I want to try it, what should I do?

Via our website you can order: