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Monday, February 7, 2022

A learner-centric and holistic curriculum should be used. Test how your preschool is succeeding:

  • Is your curriculum utilized as the basis for the daily planning and activities?
  • Do your teachers observe, document, and assess learning goals effortlessly?
  • Do the parents know how their children progress in their learning?
  • Can you guarantee that the children get learning opportunities in all the areas of your curriculum?
  • Can you provide a competitive high-quality service?

If you answered YES to all questions, you are in good shape – congratulations!

If NOT, there is room for improvement. You should take the lead and make the change happen! 

Sounds challenging - but it is actually straightforward

In this blog, we want to share our views from Kindiedays. And provide some advice on how to make the improvements in a pragmatic way.

The starting point is your curriculum with well-aligned learning objectives and lesson plans. They form the goals and content of the children’s learning process.

  • Don’t have a curriculum to base your children’s learning on? Contact us and we will advise you to find one or how to apply your own.
  • Not happy with your lesson plans? Kindiedays can provide holistic lesson plans for playful and theme-based learning.

Next, your educators need to apply a systematic learning process following a clear structure and steps: planning, learning, observations, reflections. This learning process also produces the outcomes to share with parents and the outcomes you as a manager need to run a high-quality service. To do this efficiently and smartly you need new technology. This is where Kindiedays Pedagogical Management Solution will help you.

Empower your staff to work in a systematic way and focus on the children’s education

Follow the preschool's learning objectives with a solution designed by early childhood educators:

  • Observe and document children's learning moments to capture every child's interests, development, and needs.
  • Use portfolios and reports for formative assessment and future planning.
  • Save time and resources by using the right working methods and tools. Kindiedays is quicker than manual methods and intuitive to use.


Give families confidence in their children's learning and your quality of care

Run all communication in a secure and versatile messaging channel:

  • Manage attendances, events, child profiles, albums, and more on smartphones.
  • Complement face-to-face communications with real-time picture updates, daily reports, and journals. All are accessible via the Family app.


Lead your preschool's learning with smart data

Take your center’s education to a new level inspired by Finnish best practices:

  • Lead the learning with your own curriculum or one of our preinstalled packages. 
  • Use formative assessment for learning to ensure consistent quality.
  • Follow and develop learning with reports and statistics.



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Get the recognition your center and educators deserve

Kindiedays is certified for an outstanding pedagogical approach.


  • 91% of Kindiedays users are extremely likely or likely to recommend Kindiedays to a friend or colleague.
  • Using Kindiedays online tools, learning material, and pedagogical methods, our customer preschools tend to quickly become the most reputable and valued providers in their local areas.

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