Bottle rattle – DIY toy for all ages!

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

The good news is: children don't need expensive toys to play and learn. In fact, you probably already have all the things you need to create a fun and engaging toy!

Here is an idea to help get you started with Do-It-Yourself toys.

Bottle Rattle - DIY toy for all ages

Why a rattle? Rattles help babies to see, hear and grasp objects. Rattles also encourage children to move rhythmically and to make music.

You need:

  • Buttons, pebbles, beads in various colours. Alternatively rice, macaroni, peas!
  • A transparent plastic bottle with a lid
  • Non-toxic glue


Fill the bottle with some colourful buttons, pebbles, beads... Seal the lib with glue. All done! Your rattle is ready to rock ´n roll!

How to use it?

Babies & toddlers: Helps babies to develop their hand and grip strength when shaking the bottle. You can explore different kinds of sounds with the rattle by shaking it fast or very slowly. This is a great toy for promoting development!

Preschoolers: Let the children make their own rattles and choose what to put inside. You can even add some math into this and let children count how many buttons, pebbles and beads to put inside! Use the rattle in a music session and practise rhythmic play. Choose a simple song and try to play the rattles in the same rhythm. Once it works, move to more challenging musical performances!


This and more similar DIY toy ideas from Unicef here.

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