Halloween Yoga for children

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Why not incorporate a flying ghost pose into your Halloween this year?

This time of the year children around the world are going to wear funny dresses and celebrate Halloween! The funniest event of the year can be even funnier when you practice real yoga poses with Jamie from Cosmic Kids.

Link to the Halloween Yoga video below and ideas how to make this Yoga Activity into a pedagogically meaningful one!

Every week, millions of kids do yoga and mindfulness sessions on Cosmic Kids’ video in class and at home. Cosmic Kids drives to make yoga and mindfulness fun - so they can enjoy the physical, mental and emotional benefits early. 

Physical, mental and emotional wellbeing surely is vital for children. The better children feel about themselves, the better they also learn, develop and keep going in their lives.

According to the Finnish National Core Curriculum for ECEC, children are naturally curious and eager to learn new things. Learning happens for example when children observe and examine their environment and as they imitate other people. Children should also get possibilities to challenge themselves a little so that learning does not get too boring. Yoga does both – gives children something new and fun to learn by imitating the teacher on the video, and it also challenges children physically.

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Start the journey of enhancing overall wellbeing by practicing yoga with this effective and funny Halloween Yoga video by Cosmic Kids. The video shows a wide variety of different (Halloween related) yoga poses for the children, and you, to follow.

You can make the yoga session into a meaningful activity by documenting it pedagogically. Observe how the children are doing and take a video or photo to show them how well they did!

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Also, let children tell their personal opinions about the Halloween Yoga afterwards by answering to these questions:

  • Which pose was your favorite?
  • Which pose was easy?
  • Which pose was difficult?

You can also encourage children to come up with some yoga poses of their own – only the dark misty sky is the limit here.

Namaste and Happy Halloween!

PS Halloween Yoga you can do with the children also during lockdowns. Read how Kindiedays can help you with Distance Learning.

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