Have you tried these teaching methods?

Tuesday, August 9, 2022

"Understanding young children's motivational tendencies may contribute to the development of teaching practices that support children's positive dispositions towards learning tasks." David L. Brody et al. 2018

As the quote above explains, children's positive attitude toward learning depends on their teachers and more specifically their teaching methods.

Therefore it is needless to say, that taking a look at different teaching methods is worthwhile! Here are three great teaching methods that every teacher can try in their class easily.

1. Teaching through play

In Finland, early childhood education teachers and the entire early education system believe in learning through play. According to the Finnish National Core-curriculum of Early Childhood Education and Care, play brings joy and pleasure to children, and therefore it is a motivating activity to achieve learning goals. The child is perceived as an active agent of his/her own learning. Learning happens when children play, explore, move, express themselves and be creative. Play is seen as a motivating and joyful action, where children are learning various skills and knowledge. Children are naturally curious and they are willing to learn.

2. One-on-one teaching

Every once in a while it is good to take some time with each student to better assess their skills, thoughts, ideas, and points of development. A great way to get to know the children better.

3. Teaching in small groups

This teaching method allows children to work in small groups or pairs. While working on a task together, children learn multiple skills such as problem-solving, social skills, teamwork, peer-to-peer respect, and patience. Children also get to know each other better and notice personal strengths as well as learn to value the strengths of their peers.

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Happy teaching!

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