How to use a document archive and share documents on Kindiedays Apps

Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Get organized and paper free!

Gone are the days of paper-filled folders overflowing the office space! Store your documents and files online with cloud-based services such as Google Drive. Share the link to the document to allow access for Educators and Families from Kindiedays Apps.

Learn how to enhance Kindiedays with a document/file archive!

A modern childcare center has more and more documents and files in digital form such as instructions, forms, manuals, weekly plans, learning activities, etc.

The majority of these documents are created, edited, and used from a PC outside the daily learning process managed with Kindiedays. However, storing and sharing them in paper form or on the PC is not convenient and access rights are difficult to manage.  Thus we recommend storing and organizing the information in a common digital archive (cloud service) such as Google Drive. Apple and Microsoft also provide cloud storage that works in a similar way.

In a basic archive, the storage consists of folders arranged in a hierarchical way. Typically, high-level folders are created for specific topics and then divided into subfolders. Defining the structure of the archive should be done carefully with future needs in mind. 

Example of a document archive to complement Kindiedays

By sharing links to the documents in the archive, the information can then be used from any device. Select the document or complete folder in Google Drive and choose "Get Link" from the menu. Copy link. Note the selection: "Anybody with the link" to allow free use of the document. You can also manage access rights as required. 

Download our pdf guide "How to set up an archive and share resources on Kindiedays"


Share the documents and links to web pages on Kindiedays Apps

Managers can smoothly create and share links to useful information directly to Educator and Family Apps. You will truly be able to have everything you need to communicate with your educators and families inside one easy solution, Kindiedays! 

Links can be to important web pages or documents stored in a cloud service. We recommend creating, storing, and sharing the center's documents such as weekly plans, etc. in digital form to reduce the printing of paper copies.

It's super simple! Just log in to your manager account, click your profile icon, and select Manage Centre. Scroll down to the 'Resources' section to add links, give them a name and select to share with educators, families, or both! 

Educators and Families will always know where to find important information shared via links, instead of scrolling through old messages trying to find that one link sent a year ago.

Simply go to the General info page on the App to view the shared resource links and tap to open.

Next steps

  1. Set up your own archive, if you don't yet have one
  2. Start sharing resource links on Kindiedays to support the learning process

Download our pdf guide "How to set up an archive and share resources on Kindiedays"


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