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Friday, January 13, 2023

Kindiedays brand new lesson plan package is launched this week. 

Meet Stella Giota the face behind the plans! You can also get a free sample of Stella's work ahead of the official launch.

I am originally from Greece. My journey started when I studied Early Childhood Education and came across the Finnish Education System. I wanted to learn why Finland has the best education system in the world. So, I decided to do my 6-months internship in an international kindergarten in Helsinki. This turned into 10 years where I worked as an educator. I got my master's studies in Educational Management and Leadership and I got a manager's position in an international kindergarten in Espoo. Through these positions, I gained in-depth knowledge of the Finnish Education system and I developed pedagogical material.
My passion
Playful learning is my passion. Children are born with the natural ability to gain skills through play. The Greek philosopher, Plato, said ' Our children from their earliest years must take part in all the more lawful forms of play, for if they are not surrounded with such an atmosphere, they can never grow up to be well conducted and virtuous citizens''. Now researchers prove that 21st-century skills such as collaboration, critical thinking, innovation, and problem-solving, can be acquired through playful learning. The children need to play, and they need to play a lot! Play brings joy to the children and meaning to their learning process. Children make observations and learn the rules of social life through play. They are creative, use their imagination, and express their feelings and dreams through play. Understanding the importance of play in children's development is crucial.
Playful learning 
The most memorable activity I organized with the children was when we opened our own restaurant. The whole process lasted a whole month. We visited our local restaurant, discussed where food is coming from, created our own restaurant environment, menu, money, aprons, chef's hats, baked cake, and made sandwiches. When everything was ready, we invited the other groups to have lunch at our restaurant. All children had different roles (chefs, waiters/waitresses, cashiers, cleaners). I was so impressed by all the ideas and the level of involvement. It taught me the importance of listening to the children and following their interests. 

I am truly happy to be able to follow my passion for pedagogy and share with educators around the world all the activities I have done with children. I truly believe that lesson plans are a great support tool for all educators no matter their level of experience and background. 

Get a sneak peek of Stella’s work here!

I say to educators "Be an explorer! Children will pick up on your enthusiasm. Listen to children's ideas, feelings, and thoughts. Enjoy and don't worry if something doesn't work out as planned. Reflect and learn from your experiences. Take one step at a time and go forward."

Stella Giota

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