What aspects to consider in the beginning of the new term?

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Autumn term in Finland has now started all over the country. Kindergartens and schools started in contact teaching but are ready to switch to distance learning again in case the epidemiological situation requires.

Here is a checklist from Finnish National Agency for Education what education providers must take in account in the beginning of the new term:




  • Prepare guidelines on when and how you adopt exceptional arrangements, and how distance teaching, support to learning and other services are arranged if the COVID-19 situation gets worse again
  • Update annual learning plans and assessment practices with a plan of action in case special teaching arrangements, as distance learning, take place
  • Plan student welfare and update crisis management plans
  • Ensure availability and accessibility of equipment, data connections and materials



  • Focus on good hand hygiene and cough hygiene
  • Children or staff who are sick or have symptoms suggestive of respiratory infection must not take part in early childhood education and care
  • Follow the epidemiological situation and possible restrictions in their region closely



  • Arrange classrooms and other spaces so that there is more space between each individual
  • Minimize contacts - outsiders should not spend time in or around early childhood education centres
  • Work with one and the same group of children
  • Organize meal times individually with the own group - no joint meals in the lunchroom
  • Staff members must avoid assembling (eg. staff meetings are primarily remotely)



  • Focus on fluent collaboration and communication with families
  • Keep families and staff up-to-date
  • Pay attention to staff welfare, divide tasks and responsibilities fairly
  • Keep calm and process the topic with children when necessary


We at Kindiedays have further developed our Pedagogical Management Solution to support both contact teaching and distance learning in a flexible way. Experience has shown that technology gives a great advantage to continue supporting the children in these uncertain times.

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