Customer Story: Kärt Kukk from Väike Päike, Estonia

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

I am Kärt Kukk, a manager in Väike Päike's biggest unit in Viimsi, Estonia. Everyday 142 children go to my kindergarten.

Viimsi kindergarten run a Free Trial with Kindiedays this spring and quickly realized this a way to move forward. Starting from September 1st, all our teachers have been involved with Kindiedays and are using it now daily.

It is great that I can quickly check how many kids are present in each group. I can see easily what each group has been doing during the day – 'Learning posts' and 'Daily report posts' are being done daily. It is a great tool not only for parents but for teachers too.

From teacher’s perspective the program eases the process of educational documentation – all the posts and photos will be saved in child’s portfolio. Although typing and writing personalized posts might be time consuming, teachers feel that it is well worth it.

Read more about Kindiedays solution for Pedagogical Documentation.

I can see each child’s personal portfolio as well as curriculum reports that are great tools for teachers to analyze work that has been done so far and plan the work ahead.

Individual approach is something that we have been pushing for a quite a long time now and Kindiedays serves this purpose. Thanks to Kindiedays teachers do not need to keep the list of kids on paper and cross out the ones who have left in order to keep track on the number of kids present. Just a tap on a phone does the magic.

Because of Kindiedays, families will not only know what their kids are doing, but also how did they perform and if they enjoyed it. In addition to that, teachers can quickly share photos and videos of the child either working on a task or having fun outdoors.

It goes without saying that each parent values such immediate emotions captured on a photo. It really cheers up a parent’s day. Also, having the topics and learning objectives written out, families can continue supporting kids on the same topic at home.

Overall, the impression of Kindiedays and its effect on bringing kindergarten and families closer to each other is very positive.

PS. Väike Päike is Estonian and means Little Sun!

Väike Päike is a network that provides a wide range of services to children and their families in Estonia. Our organization includes nine daycare centers, two kindergartens and a hobby school. We welcome children aged 3 months to 9 years to our services and we have around 750 children enrolled all together.

PS Read more about Kindiedays Pedagogical Documentation.


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