What is a Child's Individual ECEC Plan?

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Each academic year every child needs their very own, individual ECEC plan. This year the plan is more needed than ever. New kinds of learning methods will take place and children’s learning will probably be monitored differently than before. Children might have fears or questions in mind that need to be addressed in teaching properly. Also, peer support and friends are much needed.

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According to ‘Helsinki’s Curriculum for Early Childhood Education and Care’, every child in ECEC has the right to receive education and care that is systematic and goal-oriented. In order to achieve this, an individual ECEC plan is created for every child in a daycare center with the child and their guardians. The plan can be filled out eg. during a video conference.

The plan includes goals that are set together. A child’s teacher is responsible for creating and evaluating the child’s individual ECEC plan.

This is a process and involves several steps. In addition to a meeting, the creation of a plan includes an assessment and observation of the child’s strengths, needs and views, as well as an evaluation of the child’s previous ECEC plan.

The plan is based on the child’s strengths and interests, and on their best interest and needs. The pedagogical goals and any support measures and their implementation, are recorded in the plan too.

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This plan forms the foundation for planning and implementation of the child group activities. All staff members working with the child play an important role in promoting the child’s wellbeing, implementing activities and interacting with the guardians.

The child’s ECEC plan is evaluated and supplemented with the child and their guardians at least once a year and whenever the child’s needs require. Together with the child, the staff gathers documents and creations that are important to the child as part of their ECEC plan assessment and portfolio. Children’s individual ECEC plans are confidential.

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