How to organize remote learning safely and for free?

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Use of new technology is a prerequisite to implement remote learning and to stay connected with the families.

Using the same secure technology both for in-class learning and remote learning enables a flexible transition from one method to the other whenever needed. This is a great advantage for children’s ongoing learning journey.

Whether the children learn in-class or at home, the teacher should offer all children equal opportunities to learn all the same things.


How Remote Learning with Kindiedays works?

Online sessions

  1. Teacher plans circle time / lessons / teacher-led activities as usual
  2. Teacher invites the children to the Online session by sending a Kindiedays event invitation to the family. Families can either join or decline.
  3. Teacher arranges the Online session via Zoom or Google Meet. The whole family is invited, or parents should at least stay close by to support their children.

Learning Activities

  1. (After the online session) Teacher sends learning activities to the families with secure Kindiedays in-app Messaging. Messages can include text files, photos, videos and audio.
  2. Parents send feedback and photos or videos back to the teacher with secure Kindiedays Messaging. Teacher can assess how the child has completed the home activities.
  3. Communication with families is strengthened with Kindiedays Messaging in selected groups or one-to-one messaging in order to support parents, give a safe forum for discussions and receive feedback.


The overall objectives are:

  • Children learn and also maintain a social connection with their peers and teacher – even during lockdown
  • Information is shared in a secure channel that has been developed specifically for education


Kindiedays Remote Learning Solution connects teachers and families

Kindiedays supports a new way of working between educators, children and families in-class or via distance learning. All collaboration takes place in one secure and rich channel.

Kindiedays Remote Learning Solution meets the urgent and primary needs to support children's learning during lockdown as outlined above.

By organizing distance learning well in a secure manner, your center can stays open and keeps children enrolled.

With Kindiedays Remote Learning Solution your center can provide ongoing learning possibilities and families become empowered to support their children’s learning journey.


Ready to start?

  1. If you are a Preschool manager/owner, order Kindiedays Remote Learning Solution here. Free forever and no commitment.
  2. You will receive your personal credentials and Kindiedays Distance Learning Solution is ready to be used right away
  3. First, the manager creates the groups, children and teachers for your center via Kindiedays Manager web app.
  4. Second, introduce Kindiedays Educator to your staff. Everyone can download the app for free from the App Store / Google Play.
  5. Third, Invite the families along. They’re then ready to download the Kindiedays Family app and can start to use Kindiedays.


Would you like to learn more?

Order a free Consultation Call with Kindiedays Early Childhood Education specialist and discuss in more detail how the Kindiedays Remote Learning Solution works and how it can help your center.