How to thank families for the year?

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Usually families thank teachers for the year, but year 2020 has been such that it surely goes both ways. Therefore, this Christmas it might be a good idea to give a ‘virtual hug’ to all families as a thank you for contribution as distance learning has been a mandatory trend all over the world.

Normally ‘thank you’ speeches and children’s lovable performances are presented at Christmas shows and such, but this year most parties are cancelled due to COVID-19. Therefore, here are some ideas how to let families know they are appreciated and how to share insight of the children’s learning journeys!


  • Digital portfolio: Compile each child’s developmental milestones in a digital portfolio and share it with the family. It surely melts hearts to see how much their little one has learned during the past term!


  • Dance or song: If possible, film a dance performance or record a song with the children and share it to all families digitally!


  • A thank you letter: Old school option, but it delivers the message with style. The year has relied on digital means so much, that a real letter posted in the mail might be a refreshing surprise!


  • Photo album: Compile some photos of children and their activities plus artworks along the way. Ask children to tell the captions. Share the photos with families digitally or in an actual little album.


  • Quotes of children: Ask all the children for example: ”What have you learned?”, “What was best this year?”, “What was difficult?”, “What do you wish for 2021?” and write the quotes down on one big poster. Share it with the families.


  • A story book: Compile a story together with the children. Let everyone contribute in it with a couple of sentences. Decide the topic together based on the children’s interests. Some children can draw images. Share the story book with all the families digitally.  


  • Email: Sending an email is also ok. Share your general thoughts of the year, assess how it all went with the group and what are your plans and wishes for 2021.


The time of distance learning is far from being over - and actually it is the new normal. Families are much needed partners in education in 2021 and way beyond that as well. Let's inspire families to keep investing time and energy in their child’s learning.

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