Family fun activities

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

It is time to wrap up 2020 with some fun learning activities.

As New Year’s celebrations happen mostly at home this year, here are 5 family activities you can do with your children to keep little minds growing while welcoming 2021!

1. Play News Reporters

As we know, year 2020 has been full of unprecented news... Play news reporters with children and come up with some news together about an important event. Illustrate your story and save it for the future.

2. Important Person in 2020

Tell or write a story about an important person in your life in 2020. Ask your child to do the same. Share your stories out loud and see if you can identify common characteristics. This is a nice way to have a conversation about all the important people in your lives.

3. Get Cooking, last dinner or chocolate cake of 2020!

Bring math into the kitchen and include the whole family when preparing dinner. Practice couting and measuring out ingredients. How many scoops does it take to make one cup? How many cups of flour is needed? How would you double the recipe?


4. Child as a Storyteller

Ask your child to tell you a story. It can be a new story or an old one with new twists or characters. Write down what your child says. Read it back to your child. Save the story to read it again. Let your child’s imagination inspire you to come up with your own adult stories to write down and share later.

5. Thoughtful TV Talk

Watch a TV show or children’s movie together as a family. Afterward, ask your child what part he or she liked the best and why. Offer your own opinions, too. Share about the shows you watched growing up and how they are similar and different to what you experienced together. Talking about TV shows can help family members understand the experiences of others and build a stronger bond.


These and more ideas for family fun from Save the Children (10 Family Learning Activities).



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