Three new ways children learn together with Kindiedays

Tuesday, January 5, 2021
We at Kindiedays have been listening carefully to early childhood educators' challenges, dreams and wishes during the pandemic. Based on your needs we have come up with new solutions for early childhood education centers.
We want to support businesses to stay open and more importantly - we want to hold on to children's right to play and learn (whether in-class or in distance).

Please take a look at Kindiedays Solutions and see which one fits your situation best


Blended learning

Stay open and provide either in-class or distance learning seamlessly.
Preschool should offer children opportunities to learn all the same things whether the children learn in-class or in distance.
Use of new technology is a prerequisite to implement blended learning and to stay connected with the families. Using the same technology also in-class enables a flexible transition between the two.
Kindiedays Blended Learning provides the opportunity for a holistic education – in-class or in distance. You can follow children’s learning, even when they learn at home, by documenting children’s learning according to the curriculum’s learning objectives.
Once the restrictions are lifted, you can flexibly switch back to in-class learning. Also, a mix – some children in-class and some in-distance - is possible.
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Portfolio based learning

Let children’s learning (and documenting their learning journey) be in the spotlight! Add your center’s curriculum and start following children’s progress according to the learning objectives.
All learning documents will be automatically compiled in a digital Portfolio. Engage families by sharing individual learning moments or the entire year’s Portfolio with them.
Assess children’s learning with automatic learning statistics and let the assessments guide your planning and teaching.
Observations of the children's growth provide an individual, accurate picture of the child's learning. The child's portfolio and learning statistics guarantee a high level of quality in the center.

Remote learning

Provide distance learning for children who stay at home - with free and safe Kindiedays Remote Learning Solution.
Use of new technology is a prerequisite to implement remote learning and to stay connected with the families.
Kindiedays supports a new way of working between educators, children and families and meets the urgent and primary needs to support children's learning also during lockdown.
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