Let's be friends!

Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Becoming friends with Kindiedays has many advantages for your early learning center. And all people supporting the child's learning and well-being.

Kindiedays offers 3 alternative packages to match your present needs.

All packages include tools for attendance management, daily routines, and rich communication between staff and families.  

Then you choose your optimal set of features to support every child's learning path. And engage families in the child's learning journey like never before.

Read further and see the 3 choices of functionality and their pricing. Which one suits your needs best - Starter, Portfolio, or Premium?



Manage daily routines. Engage families. Observe learning with photos & notes.

Price: 12€ per child/year

Popular features:

  • Attendance management

  • Messaging with families

  • Child's journal

Kindiedays Starter is a compact solution as the first step to support children's learning and engage families. Set your learning objectives, run your lesson plans, document important learning moments, and share with families. 

You can later smoothly upgrade to Kindiedays Portfolio.



Support and follow children's learning with online curriculums and statistics.

Price: 20€ per child/year

Popular features:

  • All features of Starter included

  • Child portfolios

  • Learning statistics

Kindiedays Portfolio is a leading-edge pedagogical management tool for the whole learning process on par with best Finnish practices. Follow your curriculum daily, make pedagogical observations, assess children's learning, and use versatile statistics to guarantee children's holistic education and the competitiveness of your center.



Set up your preschool inspired by Finnish pedagogy, learning objectives, and lesson plans.

Price: 25€ per child/year

Popular features:

  • All features of Portfolio + Starter included

  • Learning objectives

  • Lesson plans

Kindiedays Premium is a complete package for renewing your preschool. It enhances the Kindiedays Portfolio solution and includes a holistic set of learning objectives derived from the Finnish National Curriculum. A versatile package of lesson plans to match the learning objectives is also in there. Just add children and teachers to start your "Finnish" style preschool - an effective, yet fun way of learning!. 


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Happy Days - with Kindiedays!