Who uses Kindiedays?

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Kindiedays is a Pedagogical Management Software for Preschools and Childcare Centers - in other words, a practical app that helps present-day early education teachers with their workload !

With Kindiedays you can support children's learning, engage families and secure success for your preschool.

Kindiedays makes enhancing your preschool possible and affordable. Kindiedays is developed in Finland by early childhood professionals, and we follow the best Finnish practices.

Who uses Kindiedays?

Kindiedays provides tools for all roles in your center:

  • Are you an early childhood educator? Kindiedays makes it easy and fun to support, document and assess your children’s learning. Click here to find out.


  • Are you a parent or caretaker of a child in preschool? Click here to see how Kindiedays lets you engage and be confident with your child’s learning.


  • Are you an owner or manager of a preschool? With Kindiedays you can run a competitive and profitable business. Click here to learn how.


Run a successful and competitive preschool business

Take your center’s education to a new level inspired by best Finnish practices.

Lead learning with your own curriculum or one of our pre-installed curriculum packages (for example EYFS or Finnish Curriculum).

Empower your staff to focus fully on children’s education.

Show families concrete evidence of children’s learning. Furthermore, engage them with messages, photos, notes, portfolios and daily updates. 


Lead your preschool with smart data

Kindidays includes automatic statistics such as:

  • Curriculum statistics
  • Attendance statistics
  • Automatic portfolios
  • Learning statistics based on your curriculum's learning objectives
  • ...and more!


Focus on the children - not paperwork

Kindiedays gives teachers and managers more time to focus on the children and education instead of paperwork. Therefore, Kindiedays saves time and money from manual routines. The apps are intuitive for all staff to use. Kindiedays supports playful learning with portfolio learning and formative assessment.

  • Run all communication in a secure and versatile messaging channel.

  • Manage attendances, events, child profiles, albums, and more on smartphones.

  • Complement face-to-face communications with real-time picture updates, daily reports, and journals. All are accessible via the Family app.


Which path is yours?

Kindiedays offers 3 alternative packages. Choose the one that best meets your needs and ambitions from Starter, Portfolio, or Premium - each providing more features and value to you.

Manage daily routines. Engage families. Observe learning with photos & notes.

Support and follow children's learning with online curriculums and statistics.

Set up your preschool inspired by Finnish pedagogy, objectives, and lesson plans.

Boost your learning process inspired by the best Finnish practices


Learn more from Kindiedays' articles, guides, blogs, and more in our resources section!

Happy days - with Kindiedays!


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