Play ideas for children aged 5+ years

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

The older the children get - the more important role social contacts start playing in their lives. Children love to play together, but with the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, playdates, hobby groups, sleepovers and birthday parties with friends have been cancelled for many.

Children may still be stuck inside their homes, but it does not have to mean they can’t have fun and learn something new!

UNICEF has collected couple of ideas how to keep children entertained and engaged in play even when physical space or amount of friends is limited.

How Kindiedays can help preschools and families during COVID-19 outbreak?

Wash away!
Grab some toys that can safely go in the water, fill up a bucket and let the fun begin. Encourage her to “wash” her toys by dunking them and playing with them in the water and then cleaning them off with a soft cloth.

Make believe
Have him take the lead and encourage him to come up with a make-believe scenario. Follow along with his instructions and ask him questions about the world he has created.

Have your child help you prepare a snack for the family and challenge her to use as many colours as she can. Grab some healthy options and have her lay them out on a plate in a design she likes. She’ll be proud of her delicious creation.

Obstacle race
Create an obstacle course using furniture, pillows, and toys – anything safe and soft. Show him how to move through it and have him try to go through as fast as he can. Time him, and try to get him to beat his record every time he goes through!

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